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Hi Janine-- I just started Jade S.'s Rheingold (photo of my paltry progress on my blog by the end of the evening...) and after reading all your tips on FI knitting, I am suddenly plagued with doubts of my own ability-- despite my recent, long-overdue mastery of the two-handed, two-color technique. But augh! Your tidy color changes! Your shoulder shaping! So lovely. I now see myself for the knitting barbarian I am! I will have to remain at your virtual knee and learn more, o great one.

I have read that the 3 needle bind-off makes for a less sturdy shoulder construction. When would you use it, and when would you opt to use conventional seaming? Would it make sense to not use it on a heavy worsted weight sweater? Or is it a good, strong seam regardless?

I know what you mean: Sometimes doing something, however small, for someone else is the most consolation you can give yourself. And I love the three-needle bind-off--beats grafting, hands down.

Hi, Janine, would love to read a blog about your week at Meg's Camp when you get back. thanks, Mary

Why wouldn't you knit that plain sleeve downwards from the armhole to the cuff? Then there would be no seam at all. I could see it if you had a pattern and you wanted it a certain way up but plain? Please enlighten.

Actually, I have a question that reverses Jo's. I'm just about ready to start the sleeves on AS' Marina pullover, which calls for the sleeves to be picked up and knitted down after cutting open the steek. I've done this a million times (okay, maybe just a dozen), but I hate flopping a whole sweater around on my lap.

Is there any reason you can think of why I couldn't knit the sleeves separately and then sew them in, or pick up around the armhole and do a 3 needle bind off to attach them to the body?

where did this little gem of a sweater come from? i LOVE the colors!!!

That's a beautiful sweater and we want to hear all about Camp!

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