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You DO have a lot on your plate. I think maybe deep breaths and not thinking to much about the total amount of work would help. Just pick one thing to do. Stop when you are not being efficient. Do another thing. Lots of partly done stuff will eventually get done. And you have friends where you are going so hopefully, someone will bring around a lasagna or something when you arrive. :-)

I'm rooting for you from the sidelines, Janine, and can completely sympathize with the chaos you're immersed in. Wish I could help but I've got my own chaos to deal with. And I'm missing your knit-out because I'm going camping with Mom & Dad far, far away. Cut yourself some slack, babe. You already have the camping survival kit. If you don't find a place lickety split you can camp out when you get back to Seattle.

I've been to Marshfield too, 1st the quite nice dorms at the U of W, then on to the motel, haven't been since 2000, I'm an irregular old oft-timer, perhaps next year I can make the new swank place.

Whew! I don't envy all the tasks you have to get done. If I can help in any way, let me know.

I am looking for ward to your knit-out. I hope you have things well in hand by then.

Hugs, Maia

you can do it!

Sunday the 31st is a possible for me! Send me the details. :)

Hi Janine -- I can't make the knit out, but I am going to miss seeing you at Deep Color. I hope your time is Seattle works out, but that you come back to the Bay Area soon. Maybe you'll find a way to come and visit for one or two of Claudia's weekend-long events and I'll see you then. Good luck with everything. I find not thinking about things in their entirety, but just sloshing through usually works best -- especially when teenagers are part of the equation!

My fingers crossed and prayers for you, Janine. I've gone through some of what you're going through now and am still going through some 'uneven' moments family-wise (which also means all systems are not always on 'go')... Your own quiet time is especially important now.

That Greg is sure a "scary" guy. I always thought that Iowan's were a bit staid by nature. Love the look on Meg's face in the background.

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