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congrats :-)

When I knit sleeves down from the top, I've developed a rhythm of turning the sleeve that means I never have to move the sweater. Knit halfway around, then turn the sleeve one turn counterclockwise and knit the other half. Repeat. This means your sleeve never has more than one half twist in it, and you never have to move the body. Does that make sense? Knitting half way puts in a half twist; then you turn it so it has a half twist the other way, and knit the second half to take out that half twist.

Congratulations!!! That is awesome and I understand completely your gratitude. I have been lurking on your blog for awhile now - but it was neat this morning to see your medallion and realize we had other things besides knitting in common. I just celebrated 23 years in May. What a small world!

Congratulations! That's a huge milestone.

Hope your anniversary is a really excellent day.
I too write brilliant blog posts in my head all the time and never write them down. I have at least a week's worth of things I have planned right now-- but life gets in the way...

21? wow. that is a major milestone dear. Happy anniversary. I wish you 21 more.

I've been keeping up with reading, but barely commenting. Sorry about that. Glad to see your tutorials though. they keep my mind active.

21 what? what medallion? Please enlighten.


Wow, 21. Good for you. Bravo!

Congratulations! As someone who works with women who are struggling with the same issues - I have to say that's quite an inspiration.
Warmest wishes.

21! Woot!

Hot damn! Congrats on your 21st! Hope you have a fantastic time at camp.


Hugs and congrats!!!

And, it's been so long since we've heard anything about any plans for any possible move back to the PNW . . . is it happening?

21. A beautiful sight, my dear. We have a couple of grateful holders of medallions in our family and I know what this means. Congratulations and on to 22. :o)

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