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or perhaps its the opposite.. a homophobe fears that perhaps I would find them unappealing?? hee!

Congrats to your daughter and to yummy foods. Congrats on finding all your size 1s and happy happiest of birthday wishes. (even if they are a wee bit late.)

Have a lovely day m'dear.

thanks so much! support, anywhere it's found, is a beautiful thing and your comments made me smile today, so thanks. I really enjoy your blog, and your shawl is lovely too! Congrats on the graduation! :)

Yay for happy occasions! Somehow I knew you were a Leo share a birthday with my dad, too. Would you like some delicious triple-pork burgers?

(first-time commenter here, although we've met on mailing lists)

Best wishes to you on your birthday and special congratulations to Gingko on her graduation!

Congratulations on Ginko's graduation, and happy birthday to us! Mine was Tuesday as well, and that horoscope definitely rang true.

Best wishes for a great year and a safe move.

Congratulations to Ginko! Happy birthday to you! Lovely shawl and socks (partial or otherwise).

I want to thank you for your rant as well. I am a happily married heterosexual woman who cannot breed. I have wondered the same things as you so eloquently ranted about (pause while I consider the possibility of an eloquent rant). I feel I have every right to marry whether I breed or not. I have never understood why love can be wrong or how gay marriage can harm my marriage. I believe things are changing; I hope so.

I am so glad there are straight women like Janine in the world!

Congrats to Gingko! But, I'm confused about the graduation thing. I thought you were moving back to Seattle so that she could finish high school? And happy birthday, from one CG Jung and Rolling Stones fan to another!

congrats to gingko :-)
what amazes me about the conservative christian right is that they do all this hating in the name of jesus. talk about the ultimate hypocricy.

Congratulations, Gingko! You look lovely.

And Janine, that last line is one of the most interesting, astute things I've read on the issue in a long time. You might just be right. See you tomorrow!

You go, girl! Well written, well said and much agreed. Congratulations to Gingko-- does she have your great smiler or what?!

My last, and final, boyfriend was a serious homophobe (and got more and more looney about it as time went on precisely because I felt the opposite) - I think his problem was that he never in his whole life felt 'manly' enough and gay men AND women threatened his self-image in all kinds of ways. I never did tell him that he had one across the street neighbor who was clearly gay (lambda on his car, spent Saturday evening in his living room in the dark blasting Barbra Streisand), and a male couple living behind him and one house over. I always wondered what he did when he found out.

"This letting-go-and-being-spiritual business has gone far enough"
I love this. I think this is the best part of the whole birthday horrorscope (as one of my friends refers to hers)

Belated MOST happy birthday!!

And yeah, homophobes - the wallflower at the orgy. They hope there is an orgy, they are pretty sure there must be... and no one is interested in them.

congrats to Ginko! I hope whatever is next in her future goes smoothly and she has fun along the way!

Well said that last part, well said. I feel almost exactly the same way, and have many of the same thoughts flying through my head at any point in time. I tend to be less forgiving then you sound, but most of what I think stays up in my head (instead of spewing forth from my mouth onto people who worry that homosexuals will ruin the world (and I could keep going but for lack of time will stop here).

I've got a lot to read and catch up on :)

A lovely daughter, befitting her outfit and the backdrop.

As to the homophobes, the ones in the army who talked about how they couldn't COPE with the possibility someone would leer at them in a shower -- well, do you supposed it changed how ONE of them treated women? Somehow I doubt it. And I do think there was a very real fear they wouldn't get leered at all.

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