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sigh. there are no words.


Shoot -- I always imagined it was at a real, rustic camp with cabins. Knitting by a stream, knitting around the campfire (maybe with a headlamp) ...

Oh my that looks like so much fun! The designs are unique and beautiful.
Love the building and the trompe l'oeil, too. was just a week ago! What a grand time.


Ah! It was a great time wasn't it! I'm itching to try a new cast-on I learned, knit a rib warmer without a seam, play with the jogless jog (which I understood this year) and play with all that wonderful yarn I bought while I was there! Whew! So much to knit - so little time. I can hardly wait until next year.

Mabel and I got back home to Canada safe and sound Wed. afternoon. We had great weather for driving/knitting (depending on whether or not you were in the driver's seat)all the way.

Inspirig. Fun. What more could you ask for?

Ah, terrific! Camp 1 was wonderful but yours gives me something to strive for in 2 years Shucks, no media at ours....(pout)...having been in the media, I think all that attn just adds to the fun! And those nites of 4 hr sleep? Best nights' sleep in years!

LOL -- Count me in with Becca! Because of the book _Sweaters from Camp_, I assumed that the setting for the camp was one and the same as where those sweaters were photographed. Nevertheless, it looks like you were in some good company of some very advanced knitters! Thanks for the update.

Knitting Camp was very rustic way back when (1980), dorms at Shell Lake had bunks, dorm style bathrooms, ugh, meals in the HS cafeteria, it was all wonderful.

thanks!!! that double knit coat is AMAZING!!!

I just got back from Camp 2 last night at 2:30. Ugh. It was as fabulous as last year. The new hotel is certainly an improvement. I didn't get a chance to go down the waterslide--too busy knitting.

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