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  • Design Your Own Fair Isle
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  • Santa Cruz Knitters' Guild
    March 7 Magic Ball: Color Seredipity Learn to Knit Fair Isle
  • Madrona Fiber Arts, February 12-15
    Tacoma, Washington Magic Ball: Color Serendipity Fair Isle Tam Purl When You Can
  • Design Your Own Fair Isle
    July 14-16, 2015 Sievers School of Fiber Arts, Washington Island, WI

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Thanks for both information on the PWYC technique and Nancy Roberts! As an alternative to machine knitting and dyeing, you can dye roving in long lengths of colour, then navajo ply it.

I love when a technique is so self-explanatory. And, I hadn't noticed the purls in the Sashiko Jacket. Very intriguing.

I can't wait for the workshop with Nancy Roberts! I am making my family reschedule a get-together so I won't miss it.

PWYC!!! What a cool technique, I cant wait to try it.

Such a nice, simple, obvious technique . . . I'll have to remember that one!

Thanks for the description, I've never sat down and actually read what this technique does. The photo of the jacket from the other day is beautiful, I love those blues. Blue and white, yum.

you taunt me with the acorn sweater and a nancy roberts workshop!

Thanks Janine, as always you are a great teacher and I now understand what I was looking at and how one is able to begin a colorwork piece without hving to have a Prelude of two color ribbed stitches in order to have a non-rolling continuity of coor. Leave it to Meg, who was smart enough to be inspired by her mom's common sense approach to what is made to seem difficult. Thanks for sharing.

Now, on to you and things always seems to happen to us when we are distracted and you have certainly had a lot on your plate to disctract you, poor kid. Let's get you all healed up and thanking Sister Moon that you don't need feet to knit...

Nice for Nancy to teach a workshop close by. Rebecca Younger, who was the first to publish this technique, used to live in the Bay Area. I knew her when she was still using that gorgeous dyeing, ripping and reknitting technique in a lot of her work and although she liked the West Coast, she found that the market for really original work like hers remained in the East and so she and her husband moved back. When we did our last juried shows together, she was experimenting with a lot of Discharge of dye...that girl is ever so innovative.

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