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Greetings from Maui! All I could say was Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

Beautiful. Amazing. Inspirational and on and on!

Wow. I don't know what to say except for it is so kind of you to offer it for a donation to Heifer!!!!

It is on my "To Do" list. I won't get to it anytime soon but it will be on my wish list for sure. I did quilting in my past and this project is a wonderful way to honor my quilting love with my passion for knitting.

Thanks for making the pattern available. I made a donation and downloaded your pdf file.

While a combination of subtropical climate and a kneady cat precludes my making it, may I say how beautiful your afghan is! And also kudos for supporting Heifer, which is one of my favorite organizations as well. My 5th grade daughter organized a fundraiser for Heifer amongst her classmates last Christmas. I was all sniffly with pride!

I have loved this from the second I saw it on Ravelry - thanks for making the pattern available; I hope I get the chance to make it one day; it's a great excuse to stash my favorite kind of yarn.

A LYS has a Heifer International collection jar next to its cash register. I will definitely make a donation there, or send something in.

I've admired your afghan, and hoped the pattern would become available. Thank you!

Ahem. Where did you get that sunshine in the photo? Care to send it over here???

Thank you so much, Janine, for a gorgeous pattern and the most generous of gestures. Heifer should be able to generate a good size flock or two from your single act of knitterly kindness.

Thank you. Whether or not I will knit one is another story altogether but if I were ever to knit an afghan, I think it would be that one.

And Heiffer International sounds like a great charity. I support Oxfam who do similar work but I don't mind sending some dollars to your favourite charity...

Love the pattern! Thank you .... I know I will knit it because my stash happily contains a variety of Shetland yarn and now I have an excuse to buy more.

As soon as I read your request for a donation to Heifer I logged on and made a donation. We just watched a PBS news segment about the desperate food shortages in Africa. Your suggestion was timely and the need is overwhelming.

Hi, I love this afghan!! I am compiling patterns for the knitting pattern-a-day and crochet pattern-a-day 2010 calendars. I was wondering if you would consider giving us 1x reprint rights for one (or more) of your patterns. You retain all ownership, we do not limit your usage and we will list your name and URL on your pattern sheet. For more information, please check out our website at We have been getting positive feedback from other designers that they have seen increased business due to their inclusion in last years calendar.


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