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I repaired a bunch of holes in my Joyce Shawl, with duplicate stitch in aria. Some I got right, some I didn't, but I couldn't stand it anymore an called it good. At this point, doing it over stockinette is so much easier....still a real pain, but doesn't hurt the brain as much as working a lace duplicate stich over nothing: yo slip, k2, pass over two stitches....

My stranded socks that I worked too loosely have a ton of duplicate stitch repairs, and the repairs are good and strong, and over the areas that wearmost, so they are going well, several years later.

Yours look great! Bet the repairs last a long time.

It does seem in the abstract that duplicate-stitching would be so easy, but it just isn't! Have you tried the Cookie A method for knitting a patch over a hole like that? It's here: I am going to try it, someday, in my copious free time...

I too undertook a sock mending program over the thanksgiving holiday break this year. I found 3 pair that needed attention, one worn around the toes, and two other pair that fell victim to Barney Bigs, the sock eating dog. Fortunately, Barney prefers to eat toes, so I snipped and ripped till I found a solid row and reknit the toes on two (in wonderfully contrasting scrap sock yarn, of course). The third, I *tried* duplicate st, but it had a pattern to it, so it ended up a hodge-podge of messy weaving. Eileen was there, too, cheering me on the whole way. Now, these refurbished socks are my new faves, I wear them all the time! It's like an *instant* 3 new pair of socks! Yay! c-

Caroline, thanks for that link to Cookie A's tutorial. I'm going to try that next time!

Janine - I actually listed a "darning project" on my Rav projects page, for a greater sense of accomplishment. Only one sock so far - several more to go.

Great series! I have been thinking about using reinforcing thread for the whole sole but I can't picture how to do it while knitting in the round. Is there a magic trick that totally escapes me?

I have had good luck with a garter st short row heel {from Lucy Neatby}. It pads the area I wear through on my socks and is cushy at the same time. Can just substitute it for any plain heel in most patterns.

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