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Wow! Those socks are amazing!

What fantastic socks! Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

I am so glad you like these socks! Happy New Year!

What an amazing present to have arrive! Those socks are absolutely gorgeous. And the book looks intriguing. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year. What a lovely way to begin it!

I never pass up one of your book recommendations - interesting and usually a welcome change of pace. For most of 2012, I've been reading some fascinating but pretty "heavy" stuff. I decide a break might be nice - something light and entertaining but worth reading, and there it is: "Monterra's Deliciousa and Other Tales"! A quick check at Amazon and will wonders never cease, a Kindle copy for $2.99! Puppies and I are off to bed - guess what I'll be reading tonight! (I read before lights out also). Thanks again for sharing from your wonderfully creative and varied world. Oh - and the socks are great - also worth the "reading".

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