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  • 3-day Design Your Own Fair Isle Workshop
    July 9-11, 2013 Marshfield, WI Schoolhouse Press Sponsored Workshop Sorry--this one is full!
  • Taos Wool Festival
    October 2-3 Choosing Color for Fair Isle October 4 Color Outside the Lines: Fair Isle Tam
  • Design Your Own Fair Isle 3-day workshop
    August 16-18, 2013 Berkeley, CA Contact [email protected] One spot has opened up!

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Nothing to read! I can feel your desperation - there's nothing worse. Even having nothing to knit isn't as bad, since you can read about knitting.

Still smiling at the thought of the boyfriend reading Cosmo.

3.5 hours! I would have gone insane. Good for you, surviving and conquering.

When you start the notebook for this sweater, will you also include this story? It's also nice to know someone else's mind starts wandering to a new project when another is ending. We'll look forward to some color test swatches! Did Gingko pass?

so did gingko pass her test?

Smartphone + books + download = sanity

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