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Oooo, I love those two new colors...what to do with them?

i see many, many little squares in your future.........

I am inordinately obsessed by your obsessions.

Your swatches are so beautiful! We knitters are a strange lot, that's for sure. :-)

It's always great fun to play with colors! Who knows where it will lead...and who cares? Enjoy to the fullest!

Some time probably long before I was born, my mother crocheted a bunch of small granny-afghan units about 3" square with three rings of various different colors, each bordered with black (this must have been the fad of some era. My aunt's couch displayed a complete afghan made in this way). She grew bored with the project long before she had enough squares to make an afghan, but she kept the squares in a bag and finally gave them to me when I was a young child. I loved them - on rainy days I would bring them out, arrange them and re-arrange them, choose my favorites. . . so I can definitely see where you're headed with these Spindrift swatches!

"I like to pet them" - lol. Something only other yarn enthusiasts can understand.

I can totally understand why you keep doing the swatches - it's such lovely wool to work with.

Those are lovely new colours. You should do those two next ;)

I believe that people (without OCD :))become obsessed with something because their brains have discovered a wonderful new game with learning attached - in this case, learning about the colors and textures and, most of all, the energy of the yarn. And, as you knit and pet and love them, that energy feeds your creative spirit as well as data banks. Someday, you'll design a whole new line of beautiful hats and have "no idea" where it all started!

The two new colors have definite possibilities in my life. The cat? Hmmm.

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