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Not an uninteresting post at all! Glad to share your excitement about the retreat and Madrona, it's always terrific to get an extra boost of inspiration. Love the yarn samples, I can definitely see its design potential. Good luck with your house construction. I look forward to hearing about whatever comes next in your creative journey.

The house renovation sounds exciting! You're bursting with creativity in all directions.

WOW - thanks for a blast to the past! I was born and raised in Denver; lived there or close (college in Greeley)until I was 23 (when I moved to the PNW the first time). Perspective: I turned 63 on 2/1. And would you like to know the first band I saw there? The BEATLES!! A friend and I bought a ticket for my Dad, and he took us; if memory serves, I believe tickets were around $10; I do know we really scraped to get the money together. Of course the experience was fab! From there, we made several trips after she got both her driver's license and MG convertible.

Here's my comment about the remodeling: if you haven't yet read John Singer's book, The Untethered Soul, I'd like to suggest now would be a great time. Reading it is like sitting on a beach at low tide from a calm sea. If you have read it, now might be a good time to reread the final few chapters. Namaste

OOPS - forgot - just bought the DVD of the RR concert as well as the MP3 download of the album. I love concert recordings and DVD's - watch/listen the latter while I am creating.

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