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The kitchen looks wonderful and even if you *are* making decisions by the "seat of your pants", the outcome doesn't show it. I think you're more together than you give yourself credit.

at the end of the (process) you'll still have a totally lovely kitchen. I'd say the process kinda works for you ;)

It's not flying by the seat of your pants, it's being flexible and open minded.

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! And it looks completely planned and coordinated. The light bulb is a nice, simple look - a testament to when you and Laura lived in "the slum" in the U District, I think. :-)

However you are doing it, it looks good! Hope to see it in person one day.

It's more creative to figure it out as you go along. I do the same thing in designing stranded projects. You may not know X would look good until Y is in place. Certainly true for colors, no matter how much swatching I do.

Don't doubt your process, it's yours and it's just fine! The kitchen is looking gorgeous, by the way, I'm sure you'll love it when it's done. Love the windows.

What a wonderful Welcome Home present your kitchen will be!

Ha! I still have not figured out what to do about the floor. Which was helped by a leaky refrigerator. But now it's all on me and summer vacation....

Your room looks absolutely lovely and I can't wait to see it.

Hi Janine - Once you get to the end, would you mind posting your thoughts about color choices in your kitchen? I have been curious about how someone with your attention to color would handle this issue. Congratulations on getting closer to done. It looks lovely.

Oh, I am so seat-of-the-pants, I can't tell you!! I've always been thankful that my husband has been my "contractor." We've done an awful lot of home improvement/remodeling projects together and he gets me, is a lot like me in that way, and I feel much less pressure.

It's looking WONDERFUL, Janine!!

Doing great! Give yourself credit for being able to change on the fly if something isn't right :) I look back at my reno decisions and ask myself: with hindsight, what would I have done differently? 9 times out of 10, I wouldn't change a thing!

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