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What a wonderful tribute to a sweet dog. My heart breaks for you. Many hugs to you all.

Shadow was a sweet little guy! I loved reading and remembering about some of his quirks. It sounds like he didn't have to suffer for very long at the end and that is important. My love to all of you!

I'm so sorry. He was well loved.

Thanks for sharing. I bet you miss him. Our cat of 16 years also had a brain tumor and had to be put down last year in February. It was very very sad. Right after Thanksgiving we got a kitten from the ASPCA. How different from each other they all are.

Thank you for sharing your Shadow stories.
Kisses from Shimmo, Maddie, Moby, Earl and Rajah.

I am so sorry, Janine. Uncomplicated relationships are hard to forge, and doggies are masters at creating them. All of us share your grief.


An amazing and beautiful tribute to your best buddy. I felt every word. Love, Adrian

Such a sad thing to say goodbye to a family member... Lots of love and hugs sent your way. Your friend, Becky

How lucky we are when our pets live so long -- and how hard it is to say goodbye.

My favorite vet once told me that if he didn't believe all his pets were awaiting him there, he wouldn't care whether he went to heaven.

When the time is right, your next furry love will find you. Until then, cherish your memories.

Janine, I am so sad for you and your family. We haven't had to say goodbye to our pups, but I don't look forward to it. You have some beautiful memories of Shadow.

Janine, I'm so sorry to hear about Shadow. My thoughts are with you, John and Gingko.

So sorry.... Shadow had a great life, and you were very gifted in figuring out how to accommodate his needs and whims.

He sounds lika a wonderful little dog!

I'm so sorry for your loss:(

I'm so sorry. Thank you for this tribute of Shadow. He was a special friend and companion. Hugs.

You will miss him but the joy he brought you all for 15 years is immeasurable! My heart goes out to you...what a wonderful tribute!

Oh, such a beautiful tribute to your dear pup. Hugs to you all.

Am glad you were able to write about Shadow and his life with you. Sharing in your grief, with tears and love.

I am so sorry for you loss. I recently lost my dear dog and miss her terribly, but we humans are fortunate to have such loving canine companions. My thoughts are with you.

Recently, someone told me dogs came to teach us unconditional love. Shadow must have been a Master Teacher. Blessings to all of you.

Oh, I'm so sorry, Janine. What a wonderful dog he was and how lovely that he was with you for so long.

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