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  • 3-day Design Your Own Fair Isle Workshop
    July 9-11, 2013 Marshfield, WI Schoolhouse Press Sponsored Workshop Sorry--this one is full!
  • Taos Wool Festival
    October 2-3 Choosing Color for Fair Isle October 4 Color Outside the Lines: Fair Isle Tam
  • Design Your Own Fair Isle 3-day workshop
    August 16-18, 2013 Berkeley, CA Contact One spot has opened up!

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Yay! I'm excited to see the results of your experiments and look forward to your classes!

How do you join your yarns? With a knot or some other way?

By Grabthar's hammer, I was hoping you would say that about Madrona.

Such a class sounds like great fun. Again it makes me wish I lived on the West Coast!

Oh, more magic ball knitting, please! I love my cowl (though it probably could use further blocking to make it look as great as Gingko's).

Time to watch Galaxy Quest again - haven't done so for several months. It's a household favorite. I often find myself swearing by Grabthor's hammer. . .

Yes I'm wondering too how you join the yarns. Knots or spit grafting? Please advise.

I love it!!!

It's beautiful and looks like fun.

So about how long are the yarn sections per color strips? They look like about 2" before the color changes?

this all looks very exciting i am going to try the magic loop never used it before i love your leftovers cowl . you have very good ideas .THANK YOU for letting me conext .Dorothy

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