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  • Design Your Own Fair Isle
    Berkeley, California August 14-16 Contact
  • Santa Cruz Knitters' Guild
    March 7 Magic Ball: Color Seredipity Learn to Knit Fair Isle
  • Madrona Fiber Arts, February 12-15
    Tacoma, Washington Magic Ball: Color Serendipity Fair Isle Tam Purl When You Can
  • Design Your Own Fair Isle
    July 14-16, 2015 Sievers School of Fiber Arts, Washington Island, WI

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And who do you think you're kidding with this "Somewhat Obsessed EZ Fan Club" business?? Somewhat??

But OMG...I have my copy of the new version, but naturally haven't looked at it yet (since it's not Christmas yet...)...a design we've never heard of?? Cannot wait!

Happy holidays to everyone there in my favorite house in Berkeley!


It takes one to know one, Greg!

And I echo Greg's Happy Holiday greetings to the fabulous house on The Alameda!


Knitting romance books??? Really? Hmmm. I might have to read one.

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