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Congratulations on your new adoption! I hope he gives you many years of love.

Awww! He's adorable. :)

A lovely boy!

Congratulations! You're lucky to get by with one. When I lost my first dog after only 3 years, it took two (brother and sister)to fill her space. They are the same breed as she, and I see her personality in both of them, so feel doubly rewarded. Mycroft looks like he is very contented there and with his chair mate. Which pattern will you use for his first sweater?

What a cutie! Congrats on your new family member.

You will love him and he will love you! There is so much joy in EVERY dog. I am so happy for all of you!
Love Päivi

Welcome, Mycroft! My family has always loved dachshunds. I'm so glad you found an older dog to adopt, too. Our Rudy joined us as a pup, but other dogs came to us at six and ten years old, and they were wonderful companions. I look forward to meeting your new buddy.

The good flows both ways; congratulations to all of you!

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