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Happy Anniversary and congratulations!

Dear Janine,
happy Anniversary and thank you for these true sentences.
Myself being together with my husband now 23 years and still going on strong and happy wish this kind of "state" everyone. So as I red your text it made me very happy, thanks.
Snowy greetings from Switzerland
Päivi, a fair Isle knitter

Congratulations! Gotta love your man in a hand knit sweater!

Congratulations to you and John. Here's to many more years!

He has the look of a well-contented man (person), as he does in the other recent pictures. Keeping life "small and simple" - like your wedding - seems to be the success factor in many of life's relationships. Congratulations to you both!

Love the vest, happy for you and John......and after 40 years I can attest it just gets better and better...

Janine - Many happy returns of the day. Congratulations!

You have expressed sentiments that I share and I say similar to people who ask (although it's only been 20 years for me). I came through a "previous" marriage--one where I would mournfully look over the Valentine's Day cards realizing that none of them applied to us. That experience has made me treasure even more this miracle that I'm living in now. I appreciate the courage that it took to tell us that you are happily married. I'm always amazed at how few people really want to hear about that. It will be our little secret. :)

I'm sorry to be such a late commenter on your post, but I have to ask: where did I find the pattern for the John Muir vest? Is it your design? It's so beautiful, and I'd love to make it for my son-in law. Thanks!

Oops, didn't reread that. The question is "Where DO I find the pattern for the John Muir vest?" Thanks!

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