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  • Santa Cruz Knitters' Guild
    March 7 Magic Ball: Color Seredipity Learn to Knit Fair Isle
  • Madrona Fiber Arts, February 12-15
    Tacoma, Washington Magic Ball: Color Serendipity Fair Isle Tam Purl When You Can
  • Design Your Own Fair Isle
    July 14-16, 2015 Sievers School of Fiber Arts, Washington Island, WI

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Mason, nice name.......obviously it has stuck!

Your web site is lovely.........congratulations.

Good for you. I also fall into the trap of not blogging because I don't have good photos. Then it's so easy to lose momentum.

Glad to hear it. It doesn't matter to me what you blog about. I just like reading your words and hearing them in your voice inside my head. It's always fun.

I'm typing this one handed because both of mine are in my lap, one curled in the crook of my arm; I've been gone all day and at this point, I don't think they care what their names are :)!

What I like best about your blog is you - honest, open, thought provoking, encouraging, caring,and slyly humorous. I can feel my eyes light up when I see there is a new posting!

AND I love the new store. Spent lots of time on it just after the newsletter announced its "opening". Very worth the work!

Mason is quite the cutie underneath that blanket.
I *love* that middle of the night quote. That's a perfect way to think of those annoying thoughts.

You can never go wrong by starting a post with Mason von Mycroft (that's what my family would end up calling him). Love that baking in the sun pose: classic dachshund.

Huzzah! Glad to be of service! Sorry to have gushed all over you at Madrona -- it's just that you have inspired me as I have followed your journey over the years. I moved from my beloved California and lived in coastal Alabama for 20 years (where little knitting is done, much less fair isle), so reading your blog was like having a virtual knitting friend from back home. Now I am in the great PNW, and seeing you was like a knitting epiphany. The only thing that would have made it better is if you were wearing fair isle wings.

Aww, Mason is a sweetie. I'm not a dog person myself, but I can see that Mason is a keeper! My cat has a blanket that he hauls all over the house. It is the large toddler blanket that I made for my 22 year old when she was a pre-schooler. Cosmic the Cat decided that the blanket was his and he becomes very upset if a human touches or messes with his blanket! He sucks the bobbles (I know, talk to Freud) and "humps" the blanket when it is in a pile. He sleeps with it. WE wrap him in it when we take him to the vet to keep him calm. Hope that Mason lets you also use the blankets!!

You know what I loved the most? The picture of the warehouse! It feels like we were let into a secret room. Love it.

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