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I don't practice tsundoku - I can't afford it! I'm currently reading olive kitteridge which I purchased at half price books but that's rare. I pretty much get everything at the library.

My Life in Middlemarch is wonderful!

What am I not reading is probably a better question!

Most active at the moment is 'The Weirdness' by Jeremy Bushnell (it's a hoot -- narcissistic writer wannabe in Brooklyn is approached by the Devil and is asked to save the world in return for getting his novel published). Then I need to tackle 'Road to Reckoning' by Robert Lautner, Jane Gardam's 'A Long Way from Verona', Ken Kalfus's 'Equilateral' and Anne Leckie's Hugo nominated novel, 'Ancillary Justice'.

I love, love LOVE, hearing about new books!! YAY!

Janine - have you read Middlemarch? I haven't, and I don't know whether I should tackle that before I read "My Life in Middlemarch" - they did give it a great review on NPR.

And the only thing i don't like about my Nook is the fact that I don't have a lot of books laying around the house, waiting to be read. But I do have them stacked on my Nook!!
I purchased the Nook because my house is so dang small, but if I like the book enough, I'm still going to purchase the hardcover. In fact, I just finished 2 books that come under that category: "The Book Thief" and "Still Life with Breadcrumbs"

Happy reading!!

I'm about to start "My Life in Middlemarch," I have it from the library. I've read "Middlemarch" twice so I'm looking forward to it. Right now I'm reading "The Parthenon Enigma" by Joan Breton Connelly - it's a bit dense but if you have ever been charmed by the Parthenon it's fascinating. I just read "Haunted Ground" by Erin Hart, the first in a set of (currently) four mysteries - it was a good story and I'm looking forward to the rest.

I've just finished Colum McCann's "Let the Great World Spin" - it's wonderful, the only thing I can say about the writing is that it is"luminous" - I'm not sure how to explain, you'll just have to read it. I also read an interesting book of graphics - Tim Leong's "Super Graphic" which has all kinds of data depicted graphically in all kinds of ways - it's great fun. For science fiction, I finished Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash" - very funny and, like Asimov, it predicted future technology. A skateboarder in the book has a helmet that resembles a collar but deploys into a air bag that surrounds your head when she crashes - exactly like the one shown in a recent newspaper article! I'm currently immersed in Stephen Fry's instruction manual on poetry, "The Ode Less Traveled" - it's incredibly funny which you'd expect if you've ever seen him on BBC.
I think we are just adding to each other's lists of "Books to Read"...

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