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I like the raglan details. Please, I can't put anything else on my list. Oh, well, I will keep on knitting.

It's gorgeous!

I'd love to come out and knit!
Elizabeth Risch

It's looking gorgeous!

Is love to join you, if only for a taste of spring. Since that's not possie perhaps you can share pictures of the event. It is snowing again this morning.

I'd love to come, and at this point it looks as though I'll be able to, I'm happy to say. I'm so looking forward to meeting Mason(or Mycroft, as I still sometimes think of him). I hope a crowd of strangers won't dismay him!

Oh! I wish!! It sure sounds like fun, and I know you'll have a great day!

That looks lovely. I love raglan sweaters. Here's something I've always wondered...why not have a top down raglan in a stranded design? I don't recall seeing many patterns written that way and was wondering if there was a reason for that. Any thoughts?

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