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Sammie has volunteered to keep his eyes open while on walks. Considering that he doesn't see half of the cats, dogs, or squirrels he passes while out and about, that chances may be slim.

My undergrad degree is in Sociology and this really intrigues me. I ended up a Middle School Social Studies teacher, oh wish I had seen this idea then! What a geographic project we could have had! So now retired, you will keep me interested and amused. I can think of all sorts of social/econonic statements being made and generalized. What fun!

It will be interesting to see what I find in a mountain resort area, where I hike and bike on trails. I or my husband have found: single ski poles, ski hats, a paddle jacket in the backcountry, a hoodie, single gloves, even a t-shirt. I like speculating about how and why. And the paddle jacket got back to its owner, ironically a friend, after a couple of years, when the friend saw my husband wearing the jacket and remarked on it and even knew where he had lost it, far from any navigable water.

I thought I saw a T-shirt in the wild one day last week ... but when I went to pick it up for you, it turned out to be a tube sock. So I left it where it was. (Now I am embarrased to say this, because I think I should have picked it up and disposed of it rather than leaving it as litter. But at the time, I honestly didn't think of that.)

So my question for you is -- do you want only T-shirts? Would you have had any use for a tube sock?

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