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Although I haven't quilted much, I still have my cottons and leftover fabrics from sewing in the 60's and 70's, quilting in the 80's. Everyone used to have bureaus/closets full of material and scrap bags for quilts while mending rugs with curved needles and 'thread' that would work as fishing line!

Thanks for this website, I have dozens of Sakiori and other Japanese fabrics - old, mended - and now I know even more about them. Great site!

Janine - Finally, I have found a t-shirt. I swear, I usually pick up 3-4 a year but since you have started this - not even one until now. By the Great Salt Lake last week. Are you still interested? It is a babydoll - bright pink (I think) Hannah Montana in women's size XXXL or something strange like that. Are you still interested?

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